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Serving the greater Chicagoland metropolitan & suburban areas.

FURNITURE REPAIR: I do not repair high end antiques. For dysfunctional low end furniture; I can usually do some sort of repair to get the item back to functional.  I do this as a sideline courtesy to clients who hire me for my other specialties. I travel with assorted clips, screws, brackets, glue, clamps.
PLEASE; if you need this, send me some pictures. For an affordable repair, just about anyone doing this type of service will want a picture. Handymen are not clairvoyant.  If I can't do it, or you do not like my price, having pictures to email to any potential repair person will make things go smoother.

Attention:  If you are running the DMCA scam, don't bother.

Manners: My preferred clients are; intelligent, thoughtful, and considerate. If you leave me a voicemail message, AND YOU DO NOT TELL ME YOUR NAME, I probably will not return the call.
​The office number is: 224-616-2179

For Assembly projects, if at all possible, please provide the brand name and model number. Once I have this, I can usually get my hands on a PDF manual. I can look that over and come up with an estimate for time and money.  My jobs are generally by the "Project".  If I estimate 4 hours, I will tell you 4 hours. However, if it takes me 3 hours, or 8 hours, the fee is the same.  It is not our policy to low-ball bid in order to get the job, then ask for money after starting.

Also, having the manual ahead of time enables me to:

See if specialty tools are called for,
Do the assembly out of sequence to save time,
Or make moving the finished project easier,
Be aware of configuration options (i.e. a corner desk can be assembled in a left or right configuration)
In some cases, I will print out a manual to bring to the job, because I want two copies of the manual on site.

Reading the assembly instructions and reviews for products and why this is important: It is not policy to gouge clients, neither is it policy to give services away for free.

If I ask a client for specific information about an item to be assembled, and, after downloading and reviewing the instructions,  I think it will be very easy, I will advise the client to try it themselves, and reach out to me if they fail.

There have been a number of situations, where I asked for information, the client did not provide it, I made the trip and did the assembly. Even though it was an easy job, I have to charge the quoted price.

Reviews of products need to be looked at.  If multiple reviewers are making the same complaint, that is something to think about.