​​Rockler is a resource for woodworkers, and carpenters.
I shop at the Schaumburg store, and online.

KC TOOL    This USA based company specializes in quality tools made in Germany.

​​​Interior designers I work with:

Chad's tool box is a source of tools. They are a distributor of Bondhus bits (a USA manufacturer), and other tools not found at Big Box hardware stores.

A lot of people would say something along the lines of:
​“Interior Designer? That’s a nonsense fake job!  I don’t need someone to decorate my house and tell me where to put furniture!!”

Then there are people who are working 50 hours a week: Trial Lawyers, Surgeons, Architects, Business Owners, etc. If you are working that many hours, and then add a commute on top of it: The last thing you want to do on your day off is have your spouse or partner drag you through a furniture showroom. Doesn’t matter if it’s; IKEA, Macy’s, or some high end family owned chain.

So these busy, successful people will instruct an Interior Designer like this: “Here is a pile of money, furnish and decorate my house, and when I have guests over…I want them to be envious…not laughing at me behind my back”. 
​That is a real thing.  Most of us are not that rich. Some are.

A few years ago I started reaching out to Interior Designers I could find on the HOUZZ website for referral work. There is a lot of garbage. Posers, wanna-bees, bored rich housewives and trust fund babies who have the cash to set up nice websites, but probably aren’t even doing one Interior Design job a year.

The Interior Designers, Stagers & Organizers listed below are the real deal. They are out there, doing work.

We use the WORX brand 4V cordless drills on many of our furniture assembly jobs. While not suitable for heavy duty construction jobs. These drills are well suited to the type of work we do.

I own the Black and Decker Accu-Mark Level, very useful.

​Berland's is a local chain of upscale tools (and expertise). I shop at the Palatine store. Their website does not allow for online shopping. You will have to call, email, or travel to the store.

Fastcap is a source of screws, magnets and other innovative tools that I use on a regular basis.

I use the DeWalt lines of Tstak and ToughSystem cases, and other tool cases. Also some bits and blades.

I have a pair of folding sawhorses from Hide-a-horse​. I've been very happy with them.

I made the investment after a plastic horse collapsed in the middle of a job.

​​Suppliers of Tools & Parts that I use.

Put My Stupid Thing Together™

McMaster-Carr   This company supplies hard to find fasteners.

I use RIDGID brand cordless power tools. I like the Lifetime warranty.

Woodpeckers    Unique, high precision woodworking tools. Made in the USA.

I own a Little Giant Extreme, M26. A friends ladder that I borrowed, collapsed (failed, one leg just crumpled up) while I was on it. I was lucky I did not end up in the hospital. People often take ladders for granted. I will not make that mistake again. After that ladder-fail, I bought the toughest, strongest ladder I could find, one of the Little Giant ones.

​Woodworker's Supply is a supplier of parts and tools that I use in my business.

Stabila makes high quality Levels. I own several.

​​I own a number of Milwaukee Tool products.

Laura Design Company  owned by Laura Peacock & Laura Irion

Michelle Glennon Interior Design, Inc. owned by Michelle Glennon​​

Clark Custom Interiors   owned by Kristin Clark

Elizabeth Stamos Design owned by Elizabeth Stamos

Dezaar Interiors owned by Nicole Bostman

New Perspective Design, Inc. owned​ by Angie Gardeck

Mason & Brass  owned by Elizabeth Smolcich

Deborah Silver Design owned by Deborah Silver

Four Sided Design owned by Becca Roseman

​Soulsis Design Group  owned by Nicole Miller & Stacy Mahoney

Swift Organizing    owned by Nisha Karimi